I recently met one of my dearest friends, a person who means so much to me and our talk lead me to having the desire to share some thoughts. This text is dedicated to him and thank you for inspiring me to write about staying true to yourself.

We sometimes keeps running our lives just the way we always have because that is simply the only way we know how. We characterizes us with our title of work, where we live, what car we are driving and what kind of people we spend our times with.
And then we question the universe why we keep on getting ”hits” when all we do is actually just keep on living our lives in the same pattern as always. Just because we have been living in one way for many years doesn´t mean that it is the only way and the right one.

I believe that we get this ”hits” because the Universe asks us to listen and pay attention. If we get a lot of ”hits” at work, maybe it´s time to make changes at work, to find a more loving and grateful mindset about our work or even change direction, check with yourself, when you get one hit and one door closes, does another one open? what is that? because nothing happens without a reason so don´t ignore it and your feelings, if you need to fight and struggle for something it´s not the right path.

What flies into your life with ease is suppose to be there. We all have the right and purpose to have a work that nourishes our soul and gives us joy and happiness while doing it.

I understand that it can seem to be scary to make changes but put your trust and faith in the universe and listen, because once you do let go of trying to control every moment and happening you will start to see how blessed you are and how much more beauty the universe actually brings you. I know by experience that every time I try to force something it always end up badly but when I surrender and let ”it” (whatever ”it” is) I always end up humbled, grateful and amazed by all the beautiful gifts I receive in all areas of my life.

Don´t let fear or negativity stop you from listening to the universe and follow your heart. Because what´s our true passion and drive is our soul telling us that that is the right path for us. If you have been lost for awhile and don´t know what it is, just take one day at a time and daydream. Check what makes you happy. I spent one year to find back to my true passion and through that year I had a period when it was completely blank, it was like my brain was empty. I had left all old patterns, work methods and I started back on zero, blankness. It was scary, I admit. I spent two weeks in complete emptiness. Now I know it was necessary because I wasn´t able to fill my brain and mind with my true passion when it was filled up with beliefs and other peoples dreams for me, I had to clean out to rebuild from joy and truth.

Stay true to yourself and keep your faith strong, faith is all we need in order to live a life in peace and unconditional love.

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