Yes, it´strue even someone like me, who always seem to be so happy and filled with so much life-force can have set backs and question my whole existense.
I have been silent for awhile since I have been going through some hard energies and challenges which led me to stay in peace and silent until I regained my strength and life force.

I beleieve that some of us gets a lot of challenges, harder than others and I believe it´s for a reason, to make us so strong so we can handle the position of being a leader.
I know that I am a spiritual leader and it is through my trials and challenges that I have learned, grown and built up my strength and understanding for every human being.

We have our free will to handle life just the way we want, I am of the opinion that once we learn how to handle challenging moments we claim our own power and release that karma. Every challenge is there to teach us, for me it´s about trusting the universe and keeping my faith. I believe that there never comes any bad from any situation, every situation is a gift and it is up to us to find the gift. It can be to learn forgiveness, unconditional love, faith or acceptance for example.

The universe will keep giving us the same lesson in different ways until we learn.

Life is good so there is nothing to fear it´s just a series of happenings that is a gift in one way or another. Life is to master your mind and stay true to yourself and your soul through out the whole rollercoaster most importantly when it´s pitch dark.

Everyone has their own way of handling challenges, I prefer to stay silent, be out in the nature and connect with mother earth, spend a lot of time with myself, treat my self very well and spoil myself and most importantly I choose the ones I spend my time with wisely so I am only surrounded by people that strengthen me and loves me.

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